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Cover Letter

To Whom it May Concern,

I have had many careers and learned many skills in the past 30 years in the technology field. Some of those jobs were direct hire but many of them were contracted projects. Working the many projects and contracts is what allowed me to have so much experience in so many areas and industries. If I didn't have the skill or knowledge for what was necessary, I learned it on my own so I could complete the tasks properly. I do not claim to be an expert in things but I know how to find the answers. I learn what is necessary and move on to the next priority. I am a dreamer, thinker, and doer, and have the patience and persistence to make my thoughts and ideas reality. 

My professional technology experiences extend from IT director, project manager, helpdesk manager, instructor, instructional designer, consultant, automation controls engineer, server & network admin/engineer, programmer, entrepreneur, inventor, manufacturer, security/surveillance consultant, to a salesperson. The summation of all my education and professional experiences provide a good example of what I am capable of learning or accomplishing when the need arises. I hold over 10 professional certifications by companies such as Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA and Novell, a bachelor’s degree in physics, and a master's & doctorate in Education Technology. These accomplishments are not for bragging rights but more for highlighting to you, as my prospective employer, that  I can learn what is necessary for your tasks without wasting your time or money. This is also true for all the careers and positions I've held through the years. 

My progressive career path and interpersonal skills will benefit me as well as my employers, co-workers, and clients. My wide breadth of skills and experience from the many different industries provide me with many unique perspectives and insights for researching and resolving situations. I am very familiar with the education, retail, telecommunication industries, hospitality, local & state government agencies as well as the manufacturing industry.
            I have a proven track record of creating, managing and implementing solutions that improve efficiencies, reliability, and quality of many systems and services to many employers and clients. My resume discusses the basics, but I can best describe the depth of my abilities and knowledge in person. Please contact me if you are interested in knowing more about how I can best contribute to [organization].  


            George Thayer,


Detailed Work Experience 

(This is in a Project Format due to the Complexity of Overlapping Projects & Time Lines)

Client: Charlevoix County & Sheriff/CTL Systems/Technology Quest
Project Title: Charlevoix County IT Dept.
Duration: 02/04 to 09/14
Project Scope: Acting IT DiManage, Support, Consult, Design & Implement Charlevoix County’s PC, Network & other technology
Responsibilities: The tasks consisted of the following activities and technologies:

Acting IT Director/IT Management: Annual budgets, proposals(ROI, RFP's & SOW's), technology research & review. staff supervision

Tasks/Projects: Network, and data stability & reliability, server, network & PC installations, upgrades and maintenance, disaster recovery,
telecommunications systems (Shoretel VOIP), Teleconference court-arraignment systems(Polycom), security design and implementations,
budgeting, business process flow engineering, and paperless document imaging and
archiving. VPN design and implementations of remote clients & State department site-to-site connections, Virtual
Servers(VMWare), SQL, Exchange, NAS/SAN devices, COA & ROD application development, and Web technologies and
jail DVR surveillance.

Clients: Alger County, Antrim County Jail, Central Lake BP, TC Marathon, Rapid City Party Shop, J&J Auto Parts, Grand
Traverse Civic Center, Charlevoix County Sheriff, Crawford County Library and others (Do not have permission to
Project Title: Security Monitoring System
Duration: 01/06 to Present
Project Scope: Design, Install, Manage and Support a Security Monitoring System Installations
Responsibilities: Design, procure HW and project manage the installation of video, cameras and DVR systems.

Client: WirelessOutdoorCam
Project Title: Outdoor Wireless IP Camera Systems
Duration: 01/06 to 2009
Project Scope: Manage, Design, Manufacture and Support Patent Pending IP Based Outdoor Wireless Camera Systems
Responsibilities: Research, design coordinate and build compact, high-end, commercial-grade outdoor wireless IP
camera systems to be sold and installed for customers and resellers. Client names and projects specifics are restricted
for security reasons.

Client: Traverse Bay RV Resort/Technology Quest
Project Title: Wireless Network
Duration: 05/06 to 10/2009
Project Scope: Design & extend an existing wireless system.
Responsibilities: Research, procure and install all the equipment necessary to provide a reliable wireless infrastructure to
the entire resort area.

Client: Central Lake District Library, Charlevoix County, Central Lake Armor Express (-2010), Forest Township
Project Title: PC and Server Support
Duration: 02/05 to Present
Project Scope: HW & SW Support
Responsibilities: Support PC’s, Server and wireless as needed

Client: Environmental Recycling/Technology Quest
Project Title: New Infrastructure Design, Install & Support
Duration: 02/04 to 2011
Project Scope: Support, Consult, Design & Implement Environmental Recycling’s PC’s, Network, Remote Office
Networks & Security Monitoring.
Responsibilities: Design, procure, install & support a new LAN & WAN infrastructure from PC’s, servers, switches,
routers, firewalls, applications to security monitoring systems and remote access.

Client: Friendship Centers of Emmet County/Technology Quest
Project Title: Network Installation, Support
Duration: 06/04 to 01/06
Project Scope: Design, Install & Support a full serviced LAN & WLAN and provide email and website creation.
Responsibilities: Provide an infrastructure design for the client’s current needs but allow for future expansion as budget and
needs permit. Install the infrastructure and server to provide a reliable centralized repository for their data. Provide domain,
email, website, internet access and provide an intranet for collaborating information among the multiple departments and
organizations. Develop an internal database program for capturing data and maintaining & tracking multiple services.

Client: CC Power/Technology Quest
Project Title: Network & System Security Installation & Support
Duration: 11/05 to 2012
Project Scope: Design, Procure, Install & Support a full serviced network & Security Monitoring System.
Responsibilities: Design, procure, install and configure all the necessary hardware and software to provide the client with
the necessary technology to utilize their industry application. Design & install a security system to monitor and record
illegal activity.

Client: North Central Michigan College
Project Title: Adjunct Instructor for:
CIS 100-Introduction to Computers, CIS 125-A+ PC Hardware, CAP 101-Internet Searching & Research
Duration: 06/04 to 08/05
Project Scope: Teach students the basic concepts of computers and how to use them.
Responsibilities: The class instruction involved creating a class outline around an existing program and materials. The

instruction was in a lecture and hands-on lab environment with student skill sets ranging from moderately computer literate
to almost none.

Client: Montmorency County Sheriff/Technology Quest
Project Title: State Site-to-Site VPN
Duration: 08/05 to 02/08
Project Scope: Install a Cisco PIX501 for firewall protection and site-to-site VPN functionality with the State’s LiveScan
System and allow remote access for vendor support.

Client: Charlevoix State Bank/CTL Systems/Technology Quest
Project Title: Security & Remote ISDN & VPN Connectivity
Duration: 04/04 to 02/09
Project Scope: Provide a secure connection to the Internet for the main office and connect the main office with a remote
drive-through branch.
Responsibilities: The tasks consisted of the following activities and technologies: LAN/WAN review, procuring and
installation of a Cisco PIX firewall device, ISDN connection, and a Cisco 1720 router and configuration modifications to a
Cisco 2921 router.

Client: Integrated System Consultants (ISC)
Project Title: LAN, WAN, WLAN Design, Installation & Maintenance,
Duration: 04/03 to 8/03
Project Scope: This project encompassed individual projects for ISC’s internal and external customers.
Responsibilities: The tasks consisted of the following activities and technologies: VOIP installation & configuration (Cisco
Unity/Call Mgr), server, network & PC installations and maintenance, wireless design and installations, pre-sales, quoting,
security consultations & process flow engineering.

Client: Michigan Department of Corrections / DynTek
Project Title: MDOC Netware 4.11 to 5.1 Upgrade
Duration: 06/01 to 12/02
Project Scope: The goal was to possess vendor-supported software and improve network reliability and efficiency by
upgrading approximately 200 servers (with approx, 5000 PC’s) connected via fiber, T1, 64K links and 50 isolated servers
from the Netware 4.11 to Netware 5.1 network operating system.
Responsibilities: Quoted and created a statement of work and project plan. Reviewed the consulting design, installation
procedures, test procedures, and pilot plans. Created a database and collect information relating to the client locations,
networks, servers, and contacts. Managed and scheduled all the server replacements, server upgrades, router modifications, and training. Reviewed and consulted on desktop management software upgrades. Held status meetings, provided and
maintained an online web site for technician information, project status tracking and management reporting and provided
problem issue resolution when necessary.

Client: Michigan Department of Corrections / DynTek
Project Title: MDOC County Connectivity
Duration: 07/01 to 09/02
Project Scope: This project encompassed all individual projects for MDOC parole and probation offices that needed
connectivity to a county’s data resources.
Responsibilities: Coordinated meetings. Researched communication, connectivity, security and political issues within the
county and state departments. Provided solutions for desired network access and coordinated router changes on both state
and county routers.

Client: Walled Lake Consolidated Schools / DynTek
Project Title: WLCS PC Lease Return and Deployment Project
Duration: 06/02 to 09/02
Project Scope: The Walled Lake Consolidated Schools System needed to have all existing PC’s, monitors and printers with
matured leases removed and new PC’s and monitors installed.
Responsibilities: Coordinated the removal, inventory and packaging activities of PC’s, monitors and printers with mature or
expired leases. Coordinated the disbursement, installation, and inventory of new PC’s and monitors by room number and

Client: Western Michigan University Campus Planning Department / DynTek
Project Title: Project Management Software Development
Duration: 10/01 to 06/02
Project Scope: WMU Campus Planning needed assistance in managing a vendor that was behind schedule and not meeting
quality standards. The project was to manage a web-based application and provided technical assistance to WMU and the
software development vendor in order to facilitate the quality and progress of the project.
Responsibilities: Defined and focus and coordinated the activities of the software vendor. Provided technical network and
server assistance. Held weekly conference calls for project tracking, status reporting and to refocus efforts on the correct

Client: Comcast Cable University
Project Title: PC and Network Instruction
Duration: 10/00 to 04/01
Project Scope: Create a training program to teach attendees the basics of PC’s and networks.
Responsibilities: Developed a curriculum from training books and Computer Based Training (CBT) programs. Designed
multiple technical PC and network training curriculums. Created a computer-lab for class interaction and testing, Created
step-by-step instructor and student manuals. Tested instructional material, scheduled and instructed classes.

Client: Comcast Cable Communications
Project Title: Kentucky Cable System Upgrade & Rebuild
Duration: 05/00 to 10/00
Project Scope: Project managed the early stages of a cable system upgrade & rebuild.
Responsibilities: Coordinated the purchasing activities of fiber and other essential equipment. Oversaw and reviewed
design plans for rebuild areas. Facilitated the resolution of conflicts and issues with rebuild designers and contract
implementation resources.

Client: SBC-Ameritech / Redwood Solutions
Project Title: Server HW & SW Upgrades
Duration: 10/99 to 04/00
Project Scope: Provided assistance to upgrade, install and migrate existing and newly acquired offices into the network.
Responsibilities: Migrated Novell servers to Microsoft NT servers. Implemented NT server software & hardware upgrades.
Maintained [2000+ nodes] WAN/LAN's using SMS & DameWare network controls. Installed Microsoft Exchange server
for Open Mail migration purposes.

Client: US Foods / TRW Integrated Supply Chain Solutions (ISCS)
Project Title: NT Network Install
Duration: 08/99 to 10/99
Project Scope: Install new NT Domain network and Citrix server farm for ERP application deployment and management.
Responsibilities: Installed NT 4.0 server with WINs, DHCP, Exchange, IIS & HP's OmniBack. Migrated, reorganized, and
secured the existing system and data into a new NT Domain system network. Implemented new procedures and standards for
network users. Installed and configured Citrix Metaframe & Microsoft's Terminal Server for application implementation.
Installed and configured Microsoft Exchange e-mail system to replace the existing MS Mail system.

Client: Michigan Department of Corrections / TRW Integrated Supply Chain Solutions (ISCS)
Project Title: MDOC Netware 3.1X to 4.11 Upgrade
Duration: 03/98 to 06/99
Project Scope: The project was to provide all MDOC offices, state-wide, with LAN’s and connectivity to the state network
and upgrade the existing network server software from Netware 3.1X to 4.11 to remove the IPX from traversing the state
Responsibilities: Designed & Created Netware upgrade consulting documents & procedures. Created a centralized database
of all pertinent information related to servers, sites, contacts, switches and routers. Designed and assigned new IP & IPX
address schemes for all sites. Researched & Recommended Network Management Software & Modules. Researched &
Recommended Desktop Management & Security Software. Created a Netware training schedule for network administrators
(approx. 100). Create a Netware training curriculum & and training materials. Trained approximately 200 Network
Administrators on Netware 4.11, ZenWorks and NAL(Netware Application Launcher). Created, scheduled and implemented router configurations for each site.
Researched & Recommended solutions to meet Netware 4.11 server minimum requirements, via upgrades and/or
replacements for each server. Created quotes for each recommended minimum hardware solution for each server.
Determined the entire cost of hardware, software and services for each site and/or server. Acquired approval and ordered
needed hardware purchases. Scheduled server HW upgrades and/or replacements. Implemented server HW upgrades and/or
replacements. Upgraded Netware Client Versions on 5000 workstations. Created the NDS tree with partitions. Scheduled
Netware 4.11 server NOS upgrades. Upgraded 200 servers from Netware 3.X to Netware 4.11.

Client: TRW Integrated Supply Chain Solutions (ISCS) Clients
Project Title: Consulting Engagements
Duration: 3-4 Weeks Each
Project Scope: Evaluated infrastructure technologies of individual TRW customers and recommend improvements.
Responsibilities: Investigated & Gathered information about the customer's networks (LAN/WAN), applications, databases,
phone systems. Create a consulting document and evaluated, proposed and recommended options for more efficient, and
reliable information services.

Client: Phoenix Group, Inc
Project Title: Server and PC Upgrades
Duration: 08/96 - 03/98
Project Scope: Upgrade hardware and software and/or consolidate approximately 20 to 30 servers and 500 PC’s. Improve
the Help Desk’s efficiency, quality and performance.
Responsibilities: Upgraded Novell 3.X servers to Intranetware 4.11. Improve Help Desk response times by maintaining
desktops with imaging [Ghost], management software [NAL, Netware Application Launcher] and on demand "Proxy"
remote control.. Upgrade the Progress database for Netware from version 6 [SPX] to version 7 [TCP/IP]. Consolidated
Netware and NT servers by transferring data and modifying batch files. Maintained approx. 20-30 Netware servers, 4-6 NT
servers and backup UNIX admin for 4-6 Sun systems. Researched, developed business case and installed a redundant stand-
in and enterprise network backup system, Lantegrity.

Client: Phoenix Group and Clients
Project Title: Citrix Winframe Install
Duration: 2 Months, (1997)
Project Scope: Install a Citrix Winframe system to provide vendors with remote access to applications.
Responsibilities: Installed and configured a Citrix Winframe system on a Cubix hardware platform with Brook Trout cards
and provide vendors with remote dial-in and internet access to specific applications. Installed & configured NT 4.0 RAS
VPN server for remote node access via dial-up and internet access.

Client: Job Skill Technology School Clients
Project Title: School LAN Installs
Duration: 01/96 - 08/96
Project Scope: Install Netware LAN’s and educational software.
Responsibilities: Provided Pre & Post sales expertise. Designed, purchased, installed and configured and maintained
network equipment, servers, printers and PC’s.

Client: Weldun Bosch International / Ford North Penn. / Pyramid Solutions
Project Title: Weldun Ford Projects
Duration: 01/95 - 11/95
Project Scope: Manage Controls department and projects. Design, test and install Ford automated assembly systems.
Responsibilities: Managed multiple sub projects and people and trained new personnel in electrical design and PLC
software development. Project managed, designed electrical systems and programmed software and installed PLC
controlled Mass Air Flow assembly and test lines. Designed and installed a SRM PC controlled fuel injector assembly and
test systems in Visual C. Developed programs in 'C' relay logic for real time data controls for Ford fuel injector assembly

Client: Federal Mogul
Project Title: PLC Controlled Systems / Pyramid Solutions
Duration: 10/94 – 12/94
Project Scope: Design, test and install automated systems.
Responsibilities: Programmed and tested PLC controlled furnace systems with a Control View GUI. Programmed a
software redesign and tested PLC controlled grinding systems for auto adjusted grinding control.

Client: CCI / GM Automotive & Clients
Project Title: PLC System Engagements
Duration: 09/94 – 10/94
Project Scope/Responsibilities:
• Project managed, programmed and installed a PLC controlled infrared paint curing oven with a Panel View GUI for GM
Saline Mexico.
• Programmed and installed a PLC controlled cooling ovens system for GM.

Client: Epcom / APS (Analytical Process Systems) Clients
Project Title: Integration Projects
Duration: 03/94-08/94
Project Scope/Responsibilities:
• Programmed software design for Algorithms in Microsoft 'C. for serial RS232 drivers for electrical control systems,
• Project managed and programmed PLC controlled CEM system.
• Project managed and programmed software for an IBM PC Windows controlled CEM system for EPA data collection in
Borland C++.
• Provided network support for Novell 3.12 LAN network.

Client: ITT Automotive / ADIA
Project Title: Windows Conversion Project
Duration: 11/93 – 02/94
Project Scope/Responsibilities: Redesigned and programmed modifications to a DOS based ABS (Automated Brake
System) data collection software program into a MS Windows based program in Borland C++

Client: Questron
Project Title: Multiple Projects
Duration: 07/88 - 11/93
Project Scope/Responsibility Summaries:
• Programmed and installed a PLC controlled AGV (automated guided vehicle) traffic control system for Volvo and GM
Oshawa, Canada.
• Programmed and installed a PLC controlled conveyor and heat casting furnace system for Alstrum.
• Programmed and installed a PLC controlled AGV (forklift) inventory system and operator interface GUI for Haworth.
• Programmed and installed a PLC and PC (Microsoft 'C) controlled furnace parts scheduling & status monitoring control
system with a Desqview GUI for Holcroft.
• Project managed, designed, programmed and installed an Electro coating and heat treatment controlled monitoring system
using an IBM PC and Microsoft 'C for Industrial Finish / Camtron Coatings.
• Designed, Programmed and installed four PLC Controlled PVC spray systems with two robots and T30 operator controlled
interface with an Advisor GUI interface for GMF Robotics and Ford Ohio Truck.
• Programmed and installed a PLC AGV (tugger) materials transfer system for BT Systems and Ford Atlanta Taurus.
• Programmed and tested a PLC controlled welding stations with operator controlled interfaces, using Panel View GUI for
AEG / Modicon and General Motors, Lake Orion B.O.C.
• Programmed and tested PLC controlled manufacturing 2.5 & 3.0 litre Ford engine assembly systems with operator-
controlled Panel View interfaces for Wilson Automation and Ford Cleveland.
• Programmed and tested a PLC controlled carousel spot welding system with a four fixture rotate table, two Fanuc robots
and Panel Mate operator interfaces that assembled a Minivan seat riser for RPT (Robotic Production Technology) and Ford.
• Project managed, programmed and installed a PLC controlled paint sludge system with a Panel View operator interface for
DURR and General Motors Moraine Ohio.